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Data Factory

...delivering data from the cloud!

Cazoodle Data Factory is a service for enterprise customers to support their data gathering needs. This service can transform unstructured html content from any website into a structured database.

Improving the experience of partners and shoppers of PriceGrabber.

Powering up Brazil's largest classifieds search engine.

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Success stories

Many companies and organizations use our Data Factory service for their data gathering needs. A few notable success stories:

In addition to many of our enterprise partners, Cazoodle Data Factory is also used in our consumer-facing search engines.

How does it work?

A hassle-free solution

It's simple: We provide an end-to-end service for gathering the data you need.

Input: Customers only need to explain their business requirements.

  1. List of websites: Send us the list of websites from which you need to extract content.
  2. Format of output: Tell us the data elements you need to extract and the format for the output.
  3. Frequency of updates: Let us know what frequency you need to refresh content: Should the updates be one time, daily, weekly, or monthly?

Output: Cazoodle will deliver results that match your data requirements.

  1. We'll take care of the configuration for your desired websites for crawling, for organizing data, and for delivering output in the desired format.
  2. As websites change, our software is self-healing; it will adapt to the new format of the website. Should there be a need for re-training, we'll take care of maintenance.

Benefits for customers

With our end-to-end service, customers receive the following benefits:

  • No software downloads
  • No training, no programming
  • No fixed cost — order as needed


There are no upfront costs; you don't have to pay for any customization. Simply pay for the crawling service we provide you. (Note: we don't sell any data; you're only charged for the service we provide to crawl data. The original sites own the content). The cost is based on the following two factors (give us a call to learn more):

  • Number of websites targeted, and
  • Number of records delivered.

Why use it?

The top 5 reasons that customers use our Data Factory service

  1. Proven Technology: Our Data Factory technology is proven for scale to large-scale Web data extraction and integration. When building new services, customers can be confident that our solution works!
    • Cazoodle has built many large-scale search engines for end users in many domains. Our data factory solution is used to crawl millions of records from across 20,000 websites, spanning our current search engines in Real Estate (Cazoodle Apartment Search), Ecommerce (Cazoodle Shopping Search), and Travel (Cazoodle Vacation Housing).
    • Our end-to-end service has been used successfully by outside organizations and companies to integrate it into their businesses processes, including the U.S. Army, PriceGrabber, Zap, and many more.
  2. Hassle-free Solutions: We provide an end-to-end service for gathering Web data, which means customers can focus on building their applications, and revolutionizing the world and let us handle the task of gathering data.
  3. Better than Alternatives: Our solution is based on technology invented by researchers at the University of Illinois Urbana- Champaign, which offers many novelties compared to any other existing approaches available on the market.
    • Manual Copy/Paste: Mark Twain once said, “Relying on humans to manually copy/paste data is an insult to computer science.” Actually, he didn’t. But that’s because computer science didn’t exist in his time. This approach works well if there are only a couple of data elements per website: for everything else, there's Cazoodle!
    • Software Programming: The alternative, also known as “web scraping,” relies on software engineers to write rules using regular expressions to locate data elements of interest to you. This approach can work only if you need data from a couple of websites—and only once. New scripts need to be written for every new website and the scripts need to be revised every time websites change their format. If you need large-scale integration, or need repeated re-crawling of content, you should be using Cazoodle.
    • GUI Tools: Some companies provide you with GUI-based software tools that will help your programmers speed up writing software programs for new websites. The problem is that these tools only provide the software—you still have to hire software engineers to operate these software tools and debug the resulting programs, which makes the approach far more expensive than it should be— (read: 10x – 20x times more expensive than using Cazoodle).
  4. Unbeatable Pricing: There are no up-front licensing fees. We charge customers only for the crawling service, based on the number of websites you crawl and the number of records we deliver.
  5. Data Agnostic: Our solution works well for websites in any application domain, or in any language. The software crawls data across a wide variety of applications as well as in a variety of languages including English, Portuguese, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, and many others.

Who can use it?

Various organizations found our Data Factory service useful. The following scenarios are an illustration of what we foresee as possible uses of our technology.

Real Estate

  • Building a search engine for real estate listings? By using Data Factory you can transform real estate listings from any website ready for you to import into your aggregated data-store.
  • Need to track new home sales records at county websites for your sales leads? Are these difficult to automate due to interactive query forms? Don’t resort to manual copy/paste — that’s too expensive. Use Cazoodle — our solution can crawl content from Deep Web sites.


  • Building a comparison-shopping engine? Want to obtain uptodate pricing information from online retailers? Simply use our Data Factory service — proven to scale to gather data from thousands of online retailers.
  • Need shopping deals for your online audience? Are you an entrepreneur innovating in “web traffic to foot traffic” space? Use Data Factory to gather hot deals from local shopping malls into your website.


  • Do you have a hotel website wanting to expand to include vacation housing? Need to collect the time-share listings from various online forums? Just use Cazoodle—we have proven capability in aggregating data from numerous websites.
  • Are you a social media startup helping travelers manage their itinerary? Need to recommend attractions “similar” to the ones visited by your friends? Cazoodle can quickly provide rich content for attractions around the world.


  • Building an iPhone app for New Yorkers? Ticketmaster API doesn’t cover all events? The solution is easy—just use Data Factory which can collect local events from every calendar, venue, and local website.
  • Have a music and entertainment portal? Want to engage your audience with music events of their favorite genre of music? We can collect music events from a long list of local pub websites.

Food and Dining

  • Building a shopping guide for the health conscious? Need to get nutrition facts for food products? Adding a “green” angle to your service? Sure—let our data factory crawl online websites and provide the data you need.
  • Own an online retail store selling wines? Do your distributors only give you the name of one wine and its price tag? Use Data Factory to aggregate rich content including appellation, alcohol content, recommended food pairing, editor reviews, and more, from a huge variety of winery websites.


  • Are you a publishing company building a search engine for funding opportunities for scientists and researchers? Need a software package to track the latest grant funding opportunities from online websites? Use Cazoodle! Our solution can provide you with a nightly feed for new results in government agencies and private foundation websites.
  • Are you an entrepreneur looking to build a new search engine for online courses? Need to gather online course offerings from hundreds of online universities? Let our software scour through all available websites, so you can focus on building your service.

What is readily available?

Cazoodle also makes the following datasets readily available for partner organizations. If you're interested, please contact us by using the adjacent form. In addition to the following datasets, you may certainly use our Data Factory service to gather any type of dataset.

Rental Home Dataset

  • Data feed of classified listings. Cazoodle aggregates rental listings from over 10,000 real estate and classified websites. You can obtain this aggregated dataset for the purpose of displaying to users on your website. We will send you a new feed file every night, with up to date listings.
  • Statistics of rental prices. Using its database of over 2 million rental listings, Cazoodle has the ability to generate the most reliable statistics for rental trends for any location in the entire United States. You may partner with us to obtain rental statistics for a subset of zip codes, or cities, or for the entire United States.

Ecommerce Datasets

  • Product and Pricing catalog. Cazoodle contains a comprehensive catalog of over 2 million product offers, collected directly from the websites of every retailer online. You may use this dataset to integrate into your existing commerce platform or comparison-shopping engine. The dataset is continuously maintained, and delivered to you using a nightly feed.
  • Electronic product price trends. Using our continually updated database of 2 million merchant offers for electronic products, Cazoodle can generate the trends of prices of most electronic gadgets including cameras, laptops, TVs, etc. You may use these price trends for detecting great deals for your users.

APIs and Hosted Applications

All of our existing search engines are available for other partner companies as a co-branded service. You may choose to partner with us for any of the following applications. The service can be delivered as:

  • APIs — your developers can invoke them as needed, or as
  • Hosted application — we customize the interface and host the service for you. On your end, you can simply include it on your website using an iFrame or CNaming.

All of the following services are readily available for partnership.

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